Monday, November 01, 2010

Bucs 38, Cardinals 35 = Whatevs


I will be trying out for AZ Cardinals QB slot this Spring. Stay tuned. I have some effing "moxie", too.
So why isn't someone begging a UFL team for a QB?
You're telling me Dante Culpepper couldnt make better decisions out there?

Derek "Force the Ball" Anderson is quite the joke. Max Hall... as easy as it is to like the guy, he doesn't ...shouldn't be calling shots for the Arizona Cardinals at this time of his career. Period, end of story.

It BEGS the question: What does Skelton have? Who cares about all the "what ifs"... give him a SHOT. Everyone else got a shot... and failed. Why not?

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harmonj said...

Please see my facebook comments on Wisenhunt's horrible job handling the QB situation. He got lucky that Kurt Warner resurrected his career in AZ. He handled the Leinart situation like a novice. Maybe it's time to questioning the coach.