Friday, October 29, 2010

You know what...this is it, Max

The Cardinals NEED Max Hall to show up and score his first touchdown. Will likely need 4 touchdowns, 2 in the air please.

Looking around, I'd say that an overwhelming number of Cardinals fans (all 12 of us in Sierra Vista) have been behind this Max Hall guy - having just lost a Hall of Famer and watched Matt Leinart thrown out with the chopped liver. Outsiders looking in probably see the whole situation as something worth pity... how does AZ go from Warner to Max Hall in a year's time? How is it that "moxie" trumps the ability to get the ball into a WR's hands? I have no idea. Got a feeling that this game is going to be a sign of what's to happen with Max's future in the NFL.

I think what the Red Sea will channel on Sunday is this: "jeezus christ, BYU guy... take care of business today ok? get it done today and we'll forgive more 'rookie' mistakes later..."

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