Monday, November 08, 2010

Derek Anderson's love of Favre

“I told (Favre), ‘I can’t get you once before you’re done?’ ” -Derek Anderson after losing a game of 17 unanswered points.

Resounding "no" obviously - as Derek should be selling cell phones at the mall.

And what was all the arse kissing and smiling from Anderson all about when he's face to face with Favre?

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cardinals vs Vikings... what a JOKE this team is

What a joke... was that a 14pt lead we peed away in the 4th quarter? Derek Anderson was so gun shy in the 4th quarter you could see it coming late in the 3rd quarter. Lost his job for forcing the ball early in the season... now he's too sissy to play football when he has the lead. All he knew was that no interceptions = get the start next week. Forget playing to win, crushing thy enemy and hearing the lamentation of the women. It was all about saving his own ass for next week.

Weak. Pathetic football in the 4th and overtime.

Weak like Ukraine. Weak like Obamacare.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Bucs 38, Cardinals 35 = Whatevs


I will be trying out for AZ Cardinals QB slot this Spring. Stay tuned. I have some effing "moxie", too.
So why isn't someone begging a UFL team for a QB?
You're telling me Dante Culpepper couldnt make better decisions out there?

Derek "Force the Ball" Anderson is quite the joke. Max Hall... as easy as it is to like the guy, he doesn't ...shouldn't be calling shots for the Arizona Cardinals at this time of his career. Period, end of story.

It BEGS the question: What does Skelton have? Who cares about all the "what ifs"... give him a SHOT. Everyone else got a shot... and failed. Why not?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Max Hall: Sportsmanship

Haha! If this vid was to make Max Hall look like an arsehole, it failed. A glimpse as to why his current teammates are behind him? Now...if we could get Max to say this about the 49ers.... I'll dress my kids in Hall #6 jerseys.

Max Hall highlights

Hey Red Sea... let's channel some of this in UoP on Sunday.

You know what...this is it, Max

The Cardinals NEED Max Hall to show up and score his first touchdown. Will likely need 4 touchdowns, 2 in the air please.

Looking around, I'd say that an overwhelming number of Cardinals fans (all 12 of us in Sierra Vista) have been behind this Max Hall guy - having just lost a Hall of Famer and watched Matt Leinart thrown out with the chopped liver. Outsiders looking in probably see the whole situation as something worth pity... how does AZ go from Warner to Max Hall in a year's time? How is it that "moxie" trumps the ability to get the ball into a WR's hands? I have no idea. Got a feeling that this game is going to be a sign of what's to happen with Max's future in the NFL.

I think what the Red Sea will channel on Sunday is this: "jeezus christ, BYU guy... take care of business today ok? get it done today and we'll forgive more 'rookie' mistakes later..."